Attention CIS (and CS) students:

Citrix contacted me today…

Citrix is one of those quiet companies you may not know, but it is quite LARGE in the information technology space. Notice just these few customers below… even the US government is a customer.

I am familiar with them.  They are looking to hire a bunch of people (for their 54,000 sq/feet facility).

Use the link below to apply. CIS and CS majors are a fit for them.



Citrix is a software technology company that most people know by GoToMeeting or GoToMyPC, but very few know that over 70% of the world’s internet traffic goes through our systems. Some of our clients include: Google, Amazon, Facebook, NASA, Disney, Coca Cola, and Bank of America. We do enterprise software support for IT professionals in this office. In most organizations, we would be considered Tier 3 support…just to start. It’s a fun, fast-paced environment and we seek the brightest and most inquisitive minds we can find, which is why we’re coming to you.


We are currently pre-screening candidates for our Hiring Fair April 16-17 so that we can schedule interviews with those individuals we are interested in. We moved into our gorgeous new facility this past July and will be doubling the size of the office by the end of 2014. We are looking to hire an additional 125 employees in the next few years in a range of positions. Here is a link to the job posting on our site:


Don’t miss out.



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