1. Jumu'ah Schedule

The Spring Semester schedule for Jumu'ah is here! Come join us every Friday at 2PM for Jumu'ah prayer. Below is the full schedule.

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2. Weekly Halaqah

Welcome back to GSU everybody! We hope your Spring Semester is going well Alhamdullilah, and that it shall be successful insha'Allah. That being said, our Halaqahs will be starting back up again Tuesday, February 4th from 12 -1 PM. It will be taking place every Tuesday this semester in the interfaith room University Center 402 so try and be there!!!

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3. Da’wah Table

Come Learn about Islam. Free Qur’ans and informational brochures. At the library plaza every Monday and Thursday from 12-1 PM.

Hold a door; lend a hand, Say Good Morning. Smile! –dawahtip

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1)     MIST Volunteer Meeting #4

2)      MSA at GT Islamic Awareness Month!

3)     In The Name of Love

4)     Deception: Comprehensive Study of Shaytan

5)     Islamic History Lecture and Question Session

6)      Expanding the Boundaries of Islamic Education

7)     Hiking with AMYP | Cloudland Canyon State Park

8)     AMYP's Monthly Meet-Up

9)     MIST 2014


1) MIST Volunteer Meeting #4

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When: Sunday February, 16th 1:00PM

Where: Agnes Scott – Alston 206

We're officially less then a month away from MIST, so it's crunch time! Come hear about how things are progressing and to give us new ideas! We still need your help to make this the best MIST possible. 

Want to help out as a volunteer or a judge? Let us know by signing up on the MIST Atlanta website 

We'll be meeting in Alston 206!

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/345659312241559/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&suggestsessionid=8a5293d73627f9dd84a27ad26b5d9d67


2) MSA at GT Islamic Awareness Month!

Salaam everyone! We're so excited to announce what we have planned for Islamic Awareness Month 2014. Check out the events below

Thursday Feb. 20th:
-Islamic Culture Fest- 11am-2pm on the Campanile -- A display of religious and cultural exhibits from various Islamic countries to show the diversity of Muslims! Food, music, art, etc will be included. If you'd like to volunteer or represent your country, please contact 
Sharlene Khan!

New Muslim Cool Movie Screening-

 6:45-9 pm Student Center Theater -- There will be chips and salsa and drinks provided! About the movie: Puerto Rican American rapper Hamza Pérez ended his life as a drug dealer 12 years ago, and started down a new path as a young Muslim. Now he's moved to Pittsburgh's tough North Side to start a new religious community, rebuild his shattered family, and take his message of faith to other young people through his uncompromising music as part of the hip-hop duo M-Team. But when the FBI raids his mosque, Hamza must confront the realities of the post-9/11 world, and challenge himself. He starts reaching for a deeper understanding of his faith, discovering new connections with people from Christian and Jewish communities.

Monday Feb. 24th and Wednesday Feb. 26th:
-Unveiling the Veil- Student Center room 319 (monday) 5-6:30pm, Student Center room 343 (wednesday) 5-6 pm -- The purpose of the event is to educate and provide a better understanding about what the hjiab (headscarf) is. Monday's event introduces the hijab and what it stands for and we'll show the many different cool ways you can wear it. For the girls who feel comfortable enough, we ask that they wear it for the next two days, until the Wednesday meeting, to experience what it's like to wear the hijab in a non-Muslim setting. Wednesday when we meet again, everyone will get a chance to discuss how they felt wearing it, how they were perceived, the difficulty or lack of it they may have faced, etc. Snacks will be provided.

Thursday Feb. 27th:
-Islamic History Seminar- Student Center Room 320 3-4:30 pm --How much do you really know about Islam's past? About how it spread throughout many different countries? About the institutional and spiritual formations of Muslims, political structures, literary and
artistic creations of Islamic civilization, war and conquest, travel and trade? Take a journey to the past and come learn from our very own GT professor Dr. Bier! Snacks will be provided. 

Wednesday March 5th:
-Fast-A-Thon- Student Center Ballroom 6:30-9:30 pm -- Come join us for a banquet dinner with friends of various faiths as we get together to experience fasting and help raise money for charity! For each person that fasts, local restaurants and businesses will donate $1 towards a specific cause. We will also have a wonderful guest speaker who will be joining us! More details on the speaker and the charity to which the money is going to coming soon.

Facebook Linkhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1377719159160931/?notif_t=plan_user_invited


3)  In The Name of Love

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 When: February 20th 7:00pm-9:00pm

The Muslim Student Association at the University of Georgia would like to invite you to our event In The Name of Love. The event will take place in the Miller Learning Center (room # tba), on Thursday, February 20th, 2014. 

We will be having a guest speaker from Atlanta; brother Omer Kamal giving a lecture on the Islamic view on, and the importance of loving the prophets. 
Come out and join us to increase your Islamic knowledge and enjoy dinner and good company.

Can't wait to see you all, inshaAllah.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/210636445803343/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming


4) Deception: Comprehensive Study of Shaytan

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When: February 21st, 22nd & 23rd

AlMaghrib Institute is pleased to announce a new one-weekend seminar which offers a comprehensive study of Shayṭān! Is he the Islamic equivalent of the boogeyman? Is he simply a scapegoat for all of our problems and shortcomings? Who exactly is he? Join us as SHAYKH SAAD TASLEEM enlightens us about:

The Origins of Shayṭān
His Description
Is he a fallen angel?
Do we know what he looks like?
Can he take physical form?
Can he see us?
Where is he now?
Why does Shayṭān have a grudge against mankind? Was he wronged? What does he want from us?

During the seminar you will uncover:

His Goals
What motivates him?
What makes him happy?
His Capabilities
Can he really possess people?
Learn the meaning of the ‘Evil Eye’ (al-Naẓar, al-‘Ayn).

His Psychology and Arsenal of Deceptions
The means that fuel his influence: fear, jealousy, hatred, procrastination, greed, despair, and so on.
How Shayṭān deceives people on different levels of religiosity.
Shayṭān’s Cult/Army.
The battlefield is set. How can we equip ourselves to combat him and his army?

Join us Feb 21, 22, and 23 at GA Tech! 
For more information, or to register, visit: 

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/282470368573038/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming&source=1


5) Islamic History Lecture and Question Session

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When: Thursday February 27th, 2014

As part of Islamic Awareness Month here at Georgia Tech, the MSA will host a free lecture and question session over Islamic History. We will have GT's own Dr. Bier enlightening us with a brief history of Islam since the days of Muhammad (PBUH). She will also be open to answer any questions you may have on Islam's vibrant history. Snacks and drinks will be provided! 

For more information on Dr. Bier, please see her wiki page:

The event will be held in the Georgia Tech Student Center in Room 320 from 3:00-4:30.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/278839728936036/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming


6) Expanding the Boundaries of Islamic Education: Knowledge as Problem Solving in Modern Muslim Society

Madina Institute U.S.A is very excited to launch a new bi-weekly classstarting next Wednesday, 1/29, titled "Knowledge is the Believer's Camel: Social Issues in Modern Muslim Society." The class will be taught by our very own Dr. Abbas Barzegar, Islamic Studies Professor at Georgia State University and will start after Evening (Isha) prayer at Madina Institute at 7:30pm @ 4991 Burns Rd, Lilburn, GA 30650.*

Course Summary: 

Muslim scholars and intellectuals in modern society have experimented with a range of strategies, both practical and theoretical, to address the needs and issues of their communities and those around them. Topics of relevance for this course include defining an Islamic economics, thinking critically about Islamic family values and ethics, addressing domestic violence, alleviating poverty, and developing relevant Islamic education. This course is designed as a survey practicum where, in collaboration, the instructor and students will review relevant literature, conduct expert interviews, and produce a resource database on the issues reviewed in class. Students are asked to attend regularly, complete the assigned reading, and participate in data collection.

This is the first class of six total of the new course, titled "Expanding the boundaries of Islamic Education: Knowledge as problem solving in Modern Muslim society." 

Madina Institute courses taught by Dr. Abbas Barzegar are unique because he mirrors his academic course structure and approach in the mosque setting. Those from a Western academic background will find that this course is more comparable to a college class as oppose to a traditionally taught course at our Masajid.

This course is FREE and registration is not required, however we do ask that everyone attends all 6 classes, completes assigned readings and participates actively!

About Dr. Abbas Barzegar: 

Dr. Barzegar graduated from Emory with his PhD in Religious Studies in 2010 and has been an Assistant Professor at Georgia State since. He is a Fellow at the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding and has co-authored the book, Islamism: Contested Perspectives on Political Islam. Dr. Barzegar also serves on the Advisory Committee of the Atlanta Muslim Young Professionals (AMYP) and is a Founder of the After Malcolm Project. He has appeared on Fox News (specifically Hannity) and other networks

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Facebook Linkhttps://www.facebook.com/events/735269306490870/?source=1


7) Hiking with AMYP | Cloudland Canyon State Park

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Cloudland Canyon State Park is one of the most scenic parks in GA, offering moderate to strenuous hiking and a beautiful waterfall. The park is located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain in Rising Fawn, (NW) Georgia. 

On Saturday March 1, we'll meet at 10am at Cumberland Mall at the farthest parking area from the Food Court (call 678-667-0723 if needed). We'll have our first social icebreaker! Soon after, we'll carpool to the park (2hr drive). We'll split into three groups of 10 and hike 1 mile to the waterfall and 1 mile back to have a full catered lunch with the group. We plan to return to Cumberland mall by 6pm at the latest.

Be sure to have a healthy and filling breakfast before you come! Please wear comfortable sneakers or boots and dress in comfortable clothes; bring a sweater of hoodie in case it's cold. Also, bring some hearty snacks for the hike and a water bottle. We'll have an amazing lunch when we return from the hike.

Email us if you have any dietary restrictions, health concerns, or comments for our event at [log in to unmask] or call 678-667-0723. Max capacity of 30 people.

Register at www.goo.gl/kn2lqL or www.ATLMYP.org
Members $27 Non-members $37 Hike & Membership $65
*We cannot offer refunds, but payment is transferable in case of emergency

Weather advisory: we'll hike in rain or shine. Only a forecast with lightning will reschedule our trip.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/261148814047594/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming


8) AMYP's Monthly Meet-Up

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Atlanta Muslim Young Professionals' Community Outreach & Social Committees are partnering to make 2014 MMUs the best ones yet! We will be collecting donations for TBD at the March MMU.

When: March 6th, 2013 (1st Thursday of the month) @ 7:00pm

Where: Samad Mediterranean Grill & Market (Zabihah & Muslim Owned)

8898 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs GA 30350

Located in the North River Shopping Center

Online at http://www.samadgrill.com/

Y’all bring your A-game, empty stomachs, and competitive spirit every first Thursday of the month at 7:00pm. We've got taboo, poker, uno, catchphrase, headbands, scrabble, and more games to connect AMYP members with fun.

The meeting is free, and you are only responsible for what you eat. Please feel free to forward the invitation to friends and bring them. We look forward to seeing you!

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/309766995827117/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming


9) MIST Atlanta 2014!

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MIST Atlanta 2014 will be on March 7-9, 2014, and held at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA. 

REGISTRATION HAS ALREADY STARTED, so get your teams together! The registration deadline is February 7, 2014.

Registration Link:

For more information:


Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1375680329240088/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

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