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From the Office of Research Integrity

Dear Colleagues,

The Office of Research Integrity is pleased to announce the implementation of the new protocol management system, iRIS. The new system will replace IRBWise on Aug. 19, 2013. A link to the new system will be available on the Human Subjects (IRB)<http://ursa.research.gsu.edu/ursa/compliance/human-subjects/> webpage on the same date.

Please be advised that the new system is currently not supported by Internet Explorer. You must use Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

IRBWise will no longer be available for use on Aug. 16, 2013 at 7 a.m.

All active studies in the IRBWise system will be migrated into the new system, iRIS. Please click the following link for information on training for the new system - http://researchapps.gsu.edu/irb/index.html.

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