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Dear Colleagues,

I want to encourage those of you who use major instrumentation/equipment for your research to please consider this new funding opportunity. The NIH High-End Instrumentation Grant Program, which provides funding for expensive, high-end instruments costing more than $1 million (with a floor of $750,000), has released a call for proposals with an application deadline of Aug. 13, 2013.

The PI/PD on a proposal must be willing and able to assume administrative/scientific oversight for the instrumentation requested and there must be an internal advisory committee at the institution to assist the PI/PD with administering the grant and overseeing the instrumentation. Click here for more details.

If you, or investigators in your college, department or center are interested in submitting an application, my office is available to assist with preparing the non-technical sections and forms of the proposal.

Please contact Monica Swahn, Associate VP for Research, if you would be interested in assistance with the proposal preparation by providing the following information:

  • Grant program and sponsor to which you plan to apply
  • Sponsor's deadline
  • PI(s) to be listed on the grant
  • Primary college or department affiliation of PI(s)
  • Instrumentation to be requested in the proposal
  • Proposal sections you would like assistance with (non-technical content areas/forms only)
  • Primary contact person for this proposal

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact either Monica or me.

Best regards,

James A. Weyhenmeyer, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research and Economic Development

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