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Sent: Monday, January 07, 2013 3:44 PM
To: Tammie Dudley
Subject: Job Opening 10-20 hrs/wk $10/hr - Undergraduate Assistants for NSF project

Dear Tammie,
Please send to all undergraduates.  Thanks,
Undergraduate Assistants Needed for NSF project
The upcoming NSF-supported Center for Parallel and Distributed Computing Curricular and Educational Resources (CEDR) is hiring one or more undergraduate students for data collection and web site creation and maintenance, and related educational and research activities.  Some database and web programming experiences will help.  Parallel programming is a plus.  Project details are at
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Spring semester, but can extend to entire year.
Contact: Dr. Sushil Prasad, [log in to unmask]