Dear Full-time PhD students:

The rentacrates are here and you can begin packing at your 
leisure.  The rentacrates are located by the exit door and 
in the back corridor. The move date is December 12.

Each student  is assigned one standard crate(black). You 
must share one lateral file crate(orange) with a colleague.

The lateral file crate will be used to move your desktop, 
computer equipment, etc.

You can pick up trash labels, crate labels and trash bags 
from my office.

IMPORTANT:  You must affix the crate labels on the side of 
the crate.

You can discard unwanted belongings in the trash bin located 
in the front lobby.

Attached is a revised seating chart as well as a flyer about 
the rentacrates.

Due to space limitations, part-time PhD students will 
receive a seating assignment in 34 Peachtree, Suite 1400.  I 
will send you the list in the near future.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop by my 

Thank you,