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Subject: Fwd: Looking for a GRA with CIS or Computer Science background
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Subject: Looking for a GRA with CIS or Computer Science background

Hello everyone, 


I am seeking your assistance in sharing and referring Graduate Students for International Initiatives and Partnerships (IIP) unit in the Office of International Initiatives (OII). There are two positions available starting January. Please review the attached and have applicants (preferably 1 st year students) contact me directly at [log in to unmask] . The deadline is January 11 th . 


Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions. 




Ms. Kike Ehigiator 

Director, International Initiatives & Partnerships 

Georgia State University 

Suite 410, 10 Park Place South 

Atlanta, Georgia USA 


Phone: +404-413-2532/2530 

Fax:       +404-413-2537 

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