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Semi-Monthly Hadith

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: "Were people to know the blessing of pronouncing Adhan and the standing in the first row, they would even draw lots to secure these privileges. And were they to realize the reward of performing Salat early, they would race for it; and were they to know the merits of Salat after nightfall (`Isha') and the dawn (Fajr) Salat, they would come to them even if they had to crawl.''[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].
I) Letter from the President
Assalamu alaikum MSA members!

Hope everyone is well settled into the semester and did well on their midterms, insha’Allah. It’s hard to believe that the semester is already half over - this year has flown by! The board and I hope that you all enjoyed a break from studying at one of the weekly halaqas, interfaith events, or the cultural fair this semester!

Just a quick reminder: if you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for the MSA, please do not hesitate to tell us! After all, it is your MSA. And it is our duty to serve you. We are always open to any feedback you have.

We are currently developing an online suggestion box for the MSA website which members can use. In the meantime, you can catch us at an MSA event, around the prayer room, or via email at the following addresses:
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The beloved Prophet (S) once said “Anyone who shows the way to something good has the same reward as the person who does it” [Muslim].
May Allah unite our GSU MSA members in a way that we will all benefit each other, insha’Allah!
Walaikum Assalaam,
Halima Ahmad
GSU MSA President
II) Islamophobia Panel: Breaking Down Stereotypes of Muslims
The Muslim Students Association, along with Middle East Socio-Political Association, Project Nur and International Socialist Organization present the Islamophobia Panel. Come and participate in this panel of discussion over the depiction of the Prophet Muhammed in the controversial film "The Innocence of Muslims". This event will take place at the General Classroom Building Room 400 on Thursday,October 18th at 5 PM.
Featuring :
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III) Interfaith event with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Join us on Wednesday, October 24th for another Interfaith event with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship! Snacks will be provided! The event will begin at 11:00 AM and will end at 2:00 PM in room 470 of the University Center! Registered MSA members will get free admission to this event! If you haven't registered yet, there will be a table set up at the event so that you can pay there. Dues are ten dollars for this semester!
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1. Atlanta Qur'anic Arabic Classes: Fawakih Institute - Registration closing fast
2. Rawiya: She who tells a story - Welch school galleries exhibition (Sep 27-Nov 16)
3. Muslim Heroes need your help!

1. Atlanta Quranic Arabic: Beginner Courses

The Quranic Arabic Program at Fawakih caters to students who are familiar with reading the Arabic script at the Introductory Level with little background, if any, in grammar or reading comprehension of the Qur’an and who may not be able to produce Arabic in writing or in speech; who are able to read straightforward texts at the Intermediate Level with the regular use of a dictionary, can identify grammatical parts of speech; who are proficient at reading challenging texts at the Advanced Level 3; and who are proficient at reading nuanced texts at the Advanced Level 4.

For more information:
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2. Rawiya: She who tells a story - An Exhibition
Welch School Galleries Exhibition: Sept 27 - Nov 16, 2012

Rawiya: She Who Tells a Story will be on view September 27 through November 16, coinciding with the month-long photography festival, Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Rawiya is a photography collective founded by female photographers from across the Middle East. Rawiya presents an insider's view of a region in flux, balancing its contradictions while reflecting on social and political issues and stereotypes. As a collective, Rawiya's photographers respect the human dignity of the stories they tell, pooling resources and vision to produce in-depth photo-essays and long-term projects. Rawiya, meaning "she who tells a story" brings together the photographic styles of Myriam Abdelaziz, Tamara Abdul Hadi, Laura Boushnak, Tanya Habjouqa, Dalia Khamissy and Newsha Tavakolian.

The panel discussion Images, Narrative and Representation in the Middle East pairs the visiting Rawiya artists with Nadine Sinno of Georgia State University's Middle East Institute.
Rawiya: She Who Tells A Story at the Welch School Galleries is Rawiya's first exhibition as a collective in the United States. The exhibit and associated programs are supported in part by the Center for Collaborative and International Arts (CENCIA), Fulton County Arts and Culture, the Visiting Artists and Scholars Program of the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design, and the GSU Middle East Institute.

Venue: Welch School Galleries at GSU
Cost: FREE and open to the public
Contact: [log in to unmask]
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3. Muslim Heroes

Muslim Heroes needs your help! As you may already know, Muslim Heroes is an organization that seeks to highlight the great work of Muslims serving their communities all over the world. Additionally, we seek to help create role models for Muslim youth, educate people about Islam and Muslims, and help foster leadership in the Muslim community.

Click on the link for more detail:

Visit us at! Be sure to register with the MSA on OrgSync! Only registered members receive the code to the prayer room located at University Center room 409.
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