Dear GSU investigators,

The Internal Grants Program at Georgia State, managed from the University Research Services & Administration (URSA) office, offers a limited amount of funds to allocate to Travel (travel to visit a potential sponsor) or Conference (funds to support research-related conferences at GSU) grants each fiscal year.  These are typically funded on a first-come-first-served basis if the request meets the eligibility requirements and is determined to have appropriate merit.  We have recently developed more detailed information about how to apply for internal funds for one of these purposes.  This information can be found on the URSA (University Research Services & Administration) website under Funding Opportunities under the Internal Grant Program tab (  Click onTravel Grants or Conference Grants to access this information. Please address any questions about these programs to either me, Monica Swahn ([log in to unmask]) or to Kelly Stout ([log in to unmask]).


Very sincerely,

Monica Swahn, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Research

219 Dahlberg Hall

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