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Subject: FW: Update: Thesis/Dissertation Submission Deadlines and Other Important Information
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 18:04:30 +0000
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Hi Drs. And Advisers,

The College will be hosting a workshop for all students completing a thesis or dissertation. Summer’s Workshop is Friday, June 15th at 10 am in Aderhold 5.

If possible, please forward this email to all of your graduate students (I’m only able to catch the students in the current 2 graduation cycles.) We’d love to have them attend prior to writing their theses and dissertations.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.




From: LeAnne Marie Henderson
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 1:59 PM
To: A & S Manuscript Review
Cc: Gabriela Ares Mcnicoll
Subject: RE: Update: Thesis/Dissertation Submission Deadlines and Other Important Information





The Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Workshop will be held Friday, June 15th, at 10:00 AM in the Adherhold Building, Room 5.


The workshop will last approximately 2 hours, and you are encouraged to bring questions!








The FTP server for the Manuscript Review process has been updated.  Attached please find an updated Thesis & Dissertation Guide which contains the new steps for completing the upload (Appendix B).






·         July 2, 2012 – Initial Thesis/Dissertation Format Review Deadline

o   Thesis/Dissertation Review Deadline

·         July 16, 2012 – Final Thesis/Dissertation Submission Deadline

o   Degree Requirement Completion Deadline

§  All manuscripts must be approved for format and defended. Signature pages must be submitted to the Graduate Office.

o   Final theses/dissertations must be uploaded to the Digital Archive and all non-thesis approval forms must be submitted by 5:00 pm.


·         You are not required to have defended your manuscript by the initial format review deadline (July 2nd); however, you MUST submit a complete draft.


·         Manuscripts must be submitted in a single Microsoft Word file. It is highly advised that you adhere to the attached MS Word Docx template.  (If you are using Word on a Mac or an older version of Word for a PC, please respond to this email requesting a  copy of the formatted template that will work with your software.)


o   If your manuscript was created using Word for a Mac or other software, you must convert it to a PDF before uploading it to the Graduate Services FTP server for format review. 


·         Your file must be named using the naming convention below:



Note: We now offer a LaTeX template.  If your discipline requires you to use the LaTeX format, please respond to this email requesting the approved template.  




·         Submit the original signature sheet to the College of Arts & Sciences Office of Graduate Services.

o   Doctoral students must also submit the completed Survey of Earned Doctorates, ProQuest publishing agreement, and fee.

·         Defend your thesis or dissertation

o   The recommended defense date is July 9, 2012.

·         Upload the final manuscript to the Digital Archive @ Georgia State University before the final submission deadline, July 16th by 5:00 pm.

** For more detailed information regarding processes and formatting, please consult the Thesis and Dissertation Guide.




·         Manuscript Review Process

·         Thesis and Dissertation Guide

o   It can also be accessed on the Office of Graduate Services website:

·         Thesis and Dissertation Template (MS Word 2007 and later) 

·         Template Instructions


·         The Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Workshop is tentatively scheduled for: Friday, June 15th, at 10:00 AM in the Aderhold Building (room TBD next week).

o   The workshop will last approximately 2 hours, and you are encouraged to bring questions!

·         Small instructional formatting group workshops are available to students.

o   Please contact LeAnne Davis Henderson at [log in to unmask].

Attention master’s degree candidates completing a non-thesis project or paper and master’s degree candidates in the Department of Communication completing a creative thesis:

Please contact your advisor in the Office of Graduate Services for additional information about your process.




Best Regards,


LeAnne Davis Henderson

Manuscript Reviewer

Office of Graduate Services

College of Arts & Sciences

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