In the name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful

Children of Abraham Celebration [Monday April 16, 11-2pm in UC 470]

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Join us on Monday, April 16 for our INTERFAITH FINALE-- the Children of Abraham Celebration. After a semester of meeting and eating with our friends of other faiths, come meet everyone at once at the all inclusive celebration with Hillel, InterVarsity, BCM, and MSA.

MSA Elections: Nominations and Voting [starting April 1, 2012]

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Do you know someone in MSA who would be interested in being the next…
Brother's Vice President
Sister's Vice President
Public Relations (2 people)
Brother's Social/Sports Coordinator
Sister's Social/Sports Coordinator
*The current Executive Board, as a whole, will determine the next Treasurer and President (according to Article V of the MSA Constitution).

Nominations will run from April 1, 2012 to April 15, 2012. The nominated person will be contacted to accept or reject the nomination within 5 days of the nomination. Nomination form: here

Voting will run April 16, 2012 to April 30, 2012. Any evidence of campaigning once a nominee has accepted a nomination will render your nomination void. Winners will be announced through the mailing list in May 2012.

-Do not nominate the same person for more than one position.
-You may only submit one nomination form.
-Violation of any of any of these rules will render your nomination(s) void. 

Other available MSA positions include: Print Media Liaison, T-Shirt Coordinator, Interfaith Council Rep, Decorations, and more. Email us at [log in to unmask] with the position in the subject line for more information.

Food Drive [NOW until April 20, beginning of finals]

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We're collecting canned and non-perishable goods, along with emergency supplies (flashlights, batteries, dehydrated food, bottled water, first aid kit supplies), over the counter medications, aspirins, diapers for babies, baby wipes, baby powder, lotion, baby oil and shampoo, personal care items (sanitary supplies for women), toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, bath soap, lotion, etc  for Baitul-Salaam from now until April 20. Let's do some sadaqa, or charity, before starting our exams! The collection box can be found in the prayer room, university center 409. Also, the community service committee of MSA has a Exam Prep Good Bag for you if you have completed 3 hours/points of community service this semester.

Free Tickets to Omar Offendum Show at Emory [April 21, 2012 at 4:00pm]

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If you're interested in going to the Omar Offendum Show at Emory on April 21, 2012 at 4:00pm, please contact Hainer Sibrian at [log in to unmask] for free tickets through the Middle Eastern Socio Political Association, or MESPA.

Community Announcements 

1. The Georgia chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is seeking volunteers to assist in taking applications, investigating and assisting in civil rights advocacy as well as assisting in the creation and publication of the CAIR newsletter. Please contact the following CAIR-Georgia members if you are interested volunteering with CAIR-Georgia: Yusof Burke at 404.484.9560 or [log in to unmask] Isha Kamal at 404.279.4134 or [log in to unmask]

2. Global Youth Service Day is one of the largest volunteer opportunities in the world! This year the Atlanta Masjid Youth Development & Outreach Services team (YDOS) has partnered with Global Youth Service Day to do an eco-friendly courtyard renovation and family activities on Saturday, April 21st at 9am. We will also conclude our day of service with an eco-friendly Earth Day Festival with healthy food demonstrations, arts & crafts, science experiments for children, eradicating world hunger discussions for youth and much more! We are looking for volunteers of all ages and groups (families, schools, masajids or MSA's!) - Sign up here to be a volunteer. Also, we are currently looking for sponsors (food & non food) and eco-friendly activities and demonstrations for the Earth Day Festival. Please send us an email to [log in to unmask] for more details on how you can get involved!

3. UGA MSA needs cultural item donations for their Muslim Cultural Fest. If you have any little things (decorations, jewelry, books, etc) you can give for them to sell at their Muslim Cultural Bazaar, please email [log in to unmask] by April 14.

Visit us at!

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