Python comes pre-installed with Ubuntu, why do you need to install it?
 ( packages included in minimal installation: )

Ubuntu has a package manager, why are you installing using build tools?
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 ( detailed instructions for GUI: )
 ( instructions for command line: )
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Installation usually requires root privileges; if your account allows it you could use $(sudo make install), but if you install a version of python (or of anything) that is not specifically packaged for your version of Ubuntu it might break your system.

If you need to use a different version of python and don't have access to install it normally, you could put the version you built in your $PATH e.g. with the command $(PATH=~/mypython/:$PATH) (do not insert spaces around the '=').  If you want to have that in your path every time you'll have to add that command to your shell profile ~/.profile .
 ( adding to path howto: )

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On Aug 22, 2011, at 12:36 PM, Sajiya Jalil wrote:


Can any one tell me if python has been installed once ./python executable is created? The read me file says to type 'make install' next. But, I get 'permission denied' with that command. 

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