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Asalaamu'alaikum Dear MSA Community! Ramadan Mubarak and welcome back to

Please visit gsumsa.com for *Housing Listings*. There are currently many
Muslim brothers and sisters looking for roommates and for places to live for
the Fall semester!

The *Code to the Prayer Room* will change on August 22, 2011. All registered
members of MSA on Orgsync.com will recieve the code via email, even if they
have not paid their dues. The new code is also posted on the *Welcome
Page*of the MSA on
*Jummuah *will take place every Friday at 2:00 & 3:00pm starting Friday,
August 26. For locations, please click
Unfortunately, we will not be offering Taraweeh on campus. We are also
looking for a Brother to *coordinate* Jummuah for Fall 2011-Spring 2012. If
you are interested, please email us at [log in to unmask] and Khalil Shakir
at [log in to unmask]
*Halaqah *will be starting in *September* on Tuesday and Thursdays from
12:00-1:00pm in the Arts & Humanities Building. More information to be
*Foot sinks* will NOT be ready for the first day of classes due to
complications in constuction by the University. They expect constuction to
be done and the foot sinks ready to use in September insha'Allah.

The school has said they will provide *Halal Chicken* in the Piedmont North
and Freshmen (160 Edgewood Ave) Dining Halls. These dining halls are
available to everyone on campus; they are all-you-can-eat for one flat price
upon entry. The halal chicken is not hand slaughtered; we are currently
working on obtaining more information about their methods and standards of
slaughter and will make this information available for all Muslims at GSU
via the mailing list and orgsync. This way, students can make decisions on
their own about whether or not to eat the halal chicken in these dining
halls. This is the process of the school and we encourage Muslims at GSU to
ask questions and do with this information as you please. Comments,
questions, and concerns can be directed to Abdurrahman Darvesh at
[log in to unmask]

*Iftars *will take place in the Panther Plaza Dining Area
(cafeteria on the 3rd floor of University Center, across from the
bookstore). FREE of charge to you! Please join us starting Aug 22 until the
end of Ramadan. We will break the fast with dates and water in the Prayer
Room, then eat one floor down. If you or someone you know can sponsor an
iftar, please email Safia Ansari at [log in to unmask]
On Monday, August 29 we will be having iftar with ALL the MSA's in GA at
Emory University. We will be carpooling students from the Prayer Room to
Emory at exactly 7:00pm. See facebook for more details.

*Eid Salah* will take place at GSU with our neighbors at Masjid Jami on
Tuesday August 30, 2011. There will be two shifts that work with the T/R
schedules. Please keep an eye out for additonal information via the mailing
list about the timings and location insha'Allah.
Also, if you haven't done so already, please join our *Facebook* *Group* so
you may get updates about our upcoming events:


Al-Maghrib presents: *Shahadah, Fiqh of Da'wah* with Shaykh Kamal
This wonderful seminar introduces you to the best methodology of Da’wah, the
character of Daa’iyah, etiquettes of dialogue and debate, interfaith
programs, da’wah techniques, history of modern da’wah movements, and much
more. It is truly an opportunity you don’t want to miss!All the information
you need to learn more and register is on this page:

September 16th: 7pm-10pm (FREE FRIDAY)
September 17-18 & 24-25: 10am-7pm
Molecular Sciences Building Georgia Tech Room G011
901 Atlantic Drive Atlanta, GA


Al-Farooq Masjid on '442 14th Street NW' is a 10 minute drive from GSU and
serves free Iftar everyday during the month of Ramadan. The Masjid is
looking for volunteers to help setup and serve these Iftars. Insha'Allah,
volunteers will be rewarded immensely by Allah(swt) for helping feed the
people who are fasting during this blessed month. If you are interested,
please email [log in to unmask]


Salah In Focus: The Historical Significance of Prayer in Islam
Roswell Community Masjid: 1255 Grimes Bridge Road, Roswell, GA 30075
October 7th, 2011 / After Maghrib
Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda
Contact Us: [log in to unmask] / (931)622-9269


New student organization on campus:
ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights
extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, by raising
public awareness and pressuring political leaders to support smart and
effective policies and programs that are saving lives, helping to put kids
in school and improving futures. Cofounded by Bono and other campaigners,
ONE is nonpartisan and works closely with African activists and policy
makers. See orgsync.com and contact Anisa Palmer ([log in to unmask]).


The first muslim comic book " BURAAQ"
The mission of "BURAAQ" is to counter bias and negativity surrounding Islam
by using the popular medium of comicbooks. BURAAQ is shown as a practicing
Muslim conveying the message of understanding through his adventures
I and my brother, Kamil Imtiaz, founded SplitMoonArts in January of this
year to launch this initiative. Alhamdolilah, 2  free digital issues of
"BURAAQ" have already been released online on the company's website.  The
1st one was released on Jan 14rth, and the latest issue on June 21st. We
already have a following of 866 fans on facebook which is growing daily. The
3rd issue is in the works and will be released in September, 2011,
inshaAllah. This will be a quarterly magazine (4rth issue by end of the
year, inshaAllah). Our website: www.splitmoonarts.com


Announcing the launch of JummahConnect.com -- your community-powered
Jummah/Friday prayer location finder!
Simply specify your current address - wherever you are, and
JummahConnect.com will locate the closest Jummah/Friday prayer spots to you
- including places that you may have not known about; like the United States
Capitol and the Pentagon.

But in order for JummahConnect.com to find ALL the spots nearest to you, we
need your help...
Please go to http://www.JummahConnect.com and enter where YOU go for Friday
prayer along with it's time and location (it takes 1 minute!) - and spread
the word to your respective listservs, friends, and family.  All of the
friday prayer spots we index are supplied directly by user participation.
With international participation, we can build a comprehensive database of
Friday prayer locations internationally!

For more information, feel free to submit any feedback on our website!
Thank you,
The Jummah Connect team


If any of you have written papers on your own experiences as Muslims in the
United States or if you have written about Islam and popular culture, and
would feel comfortable sharing your ideas, would you please contact Anne
Richards at <[log in to unmask]>?  Iraj Omidvar (my husband) and I are
about to submit a collection of articles on Islam in America, with a popular
culture/lifestyle (as opposed to religious) emphasis and could use an
article or two more.  I'm happy to talk to you about this possibility, so
please just email me if you have any questions.

Visit us at GSUMSA.com!

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