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In this Issue:

Get Media Coverage for Your Research
If you’re like most PIs, you may have difficulty soliciting media coverage for your research. So what’s the best way to go about it? Implement a strategy for communicating with the press, and follow these six steps.

How to Include Background in Your NIH Application
Since NIH changed its grant application requirements last year, many researchers have asked if they can include background information. The answer is always “yes.” And the appropriate places to include it are the Significance and Innovation sections of your Research Strategy.

Impress NSF With Creative K-12 STEM Activities
NSF says a successful grant proposal must promote education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for K-12 students. So if you don’t plan K-12 STEM activities related to your research, you may lose out on funding from this agency.

Four Ways to Improve Lab Morale
You may be demoralizing your lab staff without even realizing it. But if you adhere to our experts’ advice, you can avoid some common managerial faux pas that lead to an unhappy work environment.

Which Federal Funder Is Right for You?
The federal government has 44 agencies that award grants, which can make finding the appropriate funder for your project a daunting task. But there are tips and resources to help you pinpoint the best opportunity for you. 

Optimize Performance Reviews in Your Lab
Many PIs dread giving performance reviews, but conducting them presents the opportunity to improve your employees’ drive and productivity. To make the most of the process in your lab, follow these tips.

Where to Look for Funding Within the Energy Department
Before applying for a DOE research grant, you must understand the objectives of the program that interests you. The department has a large number of program offices, and some offer significant support for researchers.

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