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Asalaamu'Alaikum Dear MSA Members!

As Ramadan and the fall semester approaches, please check out GSUMSA.COM >
For members >* Housing Listings *for fellow Muslims on campus who are
looking to stay with other Muslims.

Alhamdulilah, the University has been great in providing Muslims on campus
with everything we need!

   - For the school year of 2011-2012, The Office of Campus Life is willing
   to make accommodations to serve *Halal/Zabihah Food* on campus. In terms
   of a meal plan, it will cost the exact same as non-halal food. The Office of
   Campus Life just needs to make sure that there will be enough of a demand
   for them to serve the halal option. We would like to know how many students
   would sign up for the option if it was available. Please fill out the
   following survey to let us know:*
   - The school will be installing *Foot Washing Sinks* in the Men and
   Women's bathrooms down the hall way from the Prayer Room to make it easier
   to do wudu at school! These should be ready the first day of Fall Semester.
   We will provide flip flops in the Prayer Room for your use as well

Visit us at GSUMSA.com!

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