There is a major change in NIH policy (see below) that requires a change in our business processes. "To be on time" an application must be error-free by the date the application is due. This means you no longer have two days after the submission deadline to correct errors. It is our experience that errors are a frequent occurrence when submitting to NIH--much more than other agency because the process involves validation by eRA Commons. We therefore strongly recommend that you submit your final version of the application to OSP four days before due date. That will allow two days for review and submission and two days for correcting any errors. We can not guarantee your application will be submitted by the due date (without errors) if OSP receives the application in less than four days.

Use of our step-by-step guide available on our website also helps eliminate errors. 

NIH Change of policy:

End of two-day correction window. Beginning with due dates on or after January 25, 2011, NIH will eliminate the error correction window from the application submission process. This applies to electronic and paper-based submissions. See NOT-OD-10-123.

The elimination of the error correction window does not affect the two-business-day application viewing window (i.e. the time an applicant has to view the electronic application image in eRA Commons upon NIH’s receipt of an error-free application). Applicants still will be able to view their application and reject and submit a corrected application prior to the submission deadline. NIH, AHRQ and NIOSH encourage applicants to submit in advance of the due date to take advantage of the opportunity to correct errors and warnings and to review the application in the eRA Commons before the deadline.

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