1. Encore Presentation of The Play: "More Than One"
2. Nanny Request
4. IFANCA and HalalHealthy.Com Bring Halal to Campuses Across USA
5. Muslim Cruise to Bahamas SURVEY
6. Dar Un Noor Sunday School Teacher
7. Teaching Opportunities at Masjid At-Taqwa
8. Graphic Design
9. Sign Up: Webcast: "Curing Islamophobia in Every Student-Body"
10. 5th Annual Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service
11. Dua Request
12. Islamic World International Conference


1. Encore Presentation of "More Than One"

Please come out and support us for this encore presentation of "More Than
One" the play. Also help us to get the word out and pass along to whomever
you would like to invite out for the night.
Please see attachment.
Thank you,
Loveymae Productions
Yvette Suhailah West

2. Nanny Request

My husband and I are in search of a nanny/childcare provider/babysitter to
care for our newborn baby! Start date is soon!- October 18th. The baby will
be 2 months old then.
We would like someone with prior baby experience to take care of him in our
home. The schedule is below:
Oct18- Nov 15,Mon,Tues, Friday 8am-6pm
Nov15-? (Jan or Feb)-
Monday through Friday 8am-6pm
Please let me know if any sisters would be interested. We are looking to
meet any interested applicants prior to deciding who would be the best fit
for our baby! We'd also be flexible in maybe hiring 2 ladies so that the
days needed are covered.
Thanks! Diana 817-791-6696


Eid ul Adha has been confirmed for Tuesday, November 16th.  Eid Salah at
Masjd Al-Farooq will begin at 8:30am followed by a second salah at 9:00.
Please note to come early and carpool if possible.

4.  IFANCA and HalalHealthy.Com Bring Halal to Campuses Across USA

October 14,2010 – Late-night munchies are part and parcel of the college
experience! Now, with a single click, HalalHealthy.com will be bringing
shelf-stable halal meals and snacks to dorms across the USA. Med Diet, the
parent company of HalalHealthy.com, is also working with college food
service directors to make halal common on campuses.
IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) and Med-Diet surveyed
800 plus Muslim students from over 80 colleges to learn their food wishes.
For Med-Diet, it was an exercise that that has culminated into the creation
of HalalHealthy.com, an online halal store. “Students on campus don’t always
have access to halal meals or halal stores,” says Don Tymchuck, President of
Med-Diet Inc., of his company’s foray into the American halal market.
HalalHealthy.com offers halal-certified foods & snacks such as beef jerky,
granola bars, ready-to-eat meals, high protein instant beverages, ethnic
ready-to-use curries and sauces, all delivered to your dorm. No
refrigeration is required.
IFANCA, one of the world’s leading halal certification organizations,
certifies a majority of HalalHealthy.com products, many of which are sourced
from around the world. Besides Med-Diet, IFANCA’s 2200 clients include
Abbott Labs, Nestle, Kraft and Ben & Jerry’s.
"And if we don't have something you're looking for, do tell us," says Mr.
Tymchuck. "That's the reason we began Halal Healthy in the first place."
"We are also looking to potentially support MSA activities, in order to
create awareness about  www.HalalHealthy.com <http://www.halalhealthy.com/>,”
adds Naazish YarKhan, Director, Public Relations at Med Diet. “One idea is
to create on-campus “halal ambassadors” so that we could have a liaison to
keep us posted of MSA events as well as provide insights as to what halal
products students would like to have. We can be reached via Twitter/
Facebook: HalalHealthy and  [log in to unmask]"
“HalalHealthy.com wants to make sure keeping halal is only a click away.
Students can order single items or even nourishing Variety Packs delivered
to their door,” said YarKhan. The Variety Packs are available in three
cuisines: South Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean/African.
HalalHealthy.com is currently running their Fall Promotion, with a 10%
discount off all purchases from now until Oct. 31st 2010.
Med-Diet caters to both consumers and the foodservice sector. It recently
surveyed over 100 college foodservice directors and met with several to
discuss the challenges and ways to bring halal to their campuses. Students,
especially those living in dorms, have to pay for meal plans irrespective of
whether they can actually consume the offered foods.  “Nearly half of the
colleges surveyed had 100 or more Muslim students; however, only 6% had
halal meal plans. Most of these schools already offer vegetarian, organic
and gluten-free meal plans. On the positive side, they really want to meet
the dietary needs of all their students, and generally welcome their input.”
“In our discussion with foodservice directors, they pointed out that there
are 3 main potential outlets for halal foods: On-campus convenience stores,
on-campus food courts and the residential dining halls,” said Mr. Tymchuck.
“So they would start with selling some halal items in the convenience store
to judge how serious the Muslim students are about having halal. If the
sales are high, they would consider adding a halal kiosk or preparation area
to the food court. “
If the students regularly patronize the food court, universities might
consider adding halal to one residential cafeteria, probably the one where
the freshmen eat, since all students would have to stay in the dormitories
their first year.  Med-Diet can act as a liaison between MSA’s and college
foodservice to make halal items available on campus.To contact Med Diet,
email Naazish YarKhan: [log in to unmask], Twitter/ Facebook: HalalHealthy

5. Muslim Only Cruise SURVEY

Asalaam Alykum All,
We are trying to see if there is any interest in a "Muslim Only" Cruise
within the community.
More information about the cruise can be found here:
**Please forward this to others so we can get a better idea of how many
people are interested***
Jazak Allah Khair, Wa'salaam Alykum, Faisal <[log in to unmask]>


The sunday school at Dar Un Noor school on 14th St next to Al-Farooq is
looking for some help. If there's anyone willing to donate  40 minutes to an
hour and a half a week it would be greatly appreciated. Email
[log in to unmask]


Masjid-At Taqwa in the Chamblee/Doraville area is looking for some sisters
who would like to help with the home schooling program at the masjid,
especially in mathematics. The classes meet around noon/dhuhr time until
4:00 Mon-Thurs. If you are interested, contact [log in to unmask]


Any sister who has skills in graphic design for magazine-type layouts and
would be willing to give some time for a masjid project, please email
[log in to unmask]

9. Sign Up: Webcast: "Curing Islamophobia in Every Student-Body"

MSA National's Political Action Task Force invites you and your MSA to join
our webcast "Curing Islamophobia in Every Student-Body"
on November 10th, 7 PM (PST). This webcast aims to provide guidance on
approaching current Islamophobia issues on campus and in our local
communities. Featured Speakers :Imam Suhaib Webb, Sr. Zahra Billo (CAIR-CA),
COMPASS consultant, Imam Zijad Delic

Register here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=snewdbcab&et=1103859414336&s=16723&e=0017kQcyZKw3mGXk-mzYJRyb0n4iOuDKQIW_XbM60D9pOI11qUQpQ8LJ3Pn2tow7UA1mT98nigdhjb7VeOXi1gPlbHOk_G1dnwcwxpGskiW2qdt6CQT_2fznucxTBdhVl-0-nXk46mZWyIAIWVDJXv-BfGNyWg7FW6q7t3p5Pv4NmrxXAdVaTqDT14xPKZHwOkohoSgfZlkgV0dCgCEoHwxu-lNkJx3z17F2hvTn0UGruY=>to
receive login instructions to join the webast..

10. 5th Annual Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service

The brief description about the event provided by Temple Kol Emeth:
Join the greater community of Cobb County for the 5th Annual Thanksgiving
Ecumenical Service. It promises to be an inspiring and uplifting community
prayer service full of commentary and music. Celebrate the holiday with
commentary, music, humor and of course, dessert. Participants will
Eastminster Presbyterian Church
Indian American Cultural Assn
Islamic Center of Marietta
Masjid Al-Muminum
North River Church of Christ
Temple Kol Emeth
Transfiguration Catholic Church
There is no charge to be a part of this special service but donations will
be collected for that Atlanta Foodbank (Non-perishable food) and
Give-a-Gobble (fund to buy turkeys for needy families).
This is an inspiring and uplifting community prayer services
Dessert reception

11. Dua Request

Mohammed Amin Meenawala

I am not a man of many words so I will get right to it. As many of my family
and friends know I have struggled with health issues the last 5 years. The
root of my health issues is diabetes. Over the last 2 years I have been
close to a cripple because of having to go to dialysis. The wonderful people
at GTF are helping me get a kidney transplant. I have the cost of the actual
transplant covered. However, there is a lot of medicine that must be taken
after surgery to make sure my body recovers, and does not reject the
transplant. The cost of these medicines is $20,000. Due to the toll dialysis
takes on my body I have not been gainfully employed for the last 2 years.
However I am thankful for the GTF for every dollar I raise prior to December
31, 2010, the GTF will match the amount. This means I only have to raise
$10,000, prior to the end of the year. Over the last 2 years my family has
helped me a lot both financially and emotionally, they have even helped
contribute to my GTF fund. I am afraid I still need more help prior to the
end of the year. I ask that those who can afford to donate generously and
those who it maybe a little tough to donate even a little bit. As everyone
knows every little bit helps, whatever you can give may Allah bless you.
There are 2 ways to donate, you can click on the contribute button on the
right and donate via credit card, if you are not comfortable donating
online, you can mail a check to GTF
Georgia Transplant Foundation
Transplant Fundraising Program
6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Road
600 Embassy Row, Suite 250
Atlanta, GA 30328
Once again every little bit helps so that I may start the road to recovery

I would also appreciate it if you could send this link to any of your
friends and family

12.  Islamic World International Conference

Islamic World National Conference <http://www.islamicconference.org/>

Visit us at GSUMSA.com!

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