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Your August Issue of Principal Investigator Advisor is hot off the presses!

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The August 2010 issue includes how-to guidance covering the key challenges below:

  • "Your Institutional Budget Officer Can Be an Invaluable Resource"
  • "Review Emphasis Shifting from 'Impact' to 'Innovation'"
  • "Making the Right Impression to the Media"
  • "More about Mentoring: Avoid Common Mistakes"
  • "Prepare Now to Submit Data-Management Plan"
  • "Have You Looked Into Foundation Funding?"
  • "5 Clues That Your Staff Finds You Intimidating"
  • "Giving New Lab Tech a Positive Start"
  • Many more!

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Secrets of SBIR Cost Portion
How to Project the Right Indirect Rate for You

What: Live Webinar
When: August 19 at 1:00 pm EST (90 minutes)

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Don't ignore critical aspects of the cost portion

Too often, PIs spend hundreds of hours on the technical section of their SBIR proposal while ignoring critical aspects of the cost portion. Researchers typically give only passing consideration to indirect cost recovery through the grant process. Consequently, research is financially leveraged more than need be, and/or it sacrifices precious equity at a stage when it has little market value.

In this idea-filled and strategy-packed webinar, you’ll learn best practices, tips, and techniques honed over 30 years by our expert. You’ll come away with not only dozens of insights and tactics, but also a higher comfort level that you are doing everything you can to secure optimal financial returns for your SBIR grant and insure compliance with the FAR and other regulations.

Here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover in this dynamic session:

  • Hard Caps vs. Soft Cost Caps
  • How to find additional resources & tools - Frequently Free!
  • The Multiplier: How much do you charge for $1 paid for labor?
  • Labor Utilization Rate: The most important factor in projecting your costs!
  • Strategies to get objective benchmarking on your specific cost proposal
  • And much more!

Don't spend valuable time learning the ropes of federal contract management requirements. Let our expert walk you through step-by-step from the comforts of your office.

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Secrets of SBIR Cost Portion
How to Project the Right Indirect Rate for You

What: Live Webinar
When: August 19 at 1:00 pm EST (90 minutes)

Register Online or
Call 1-800-303-0129

Featured Presenter: Edward G. Jameson, CPA

As CEO of Jameson & Company, Ed has helped clients secure billions of dollars in government grants and contracts. He has extensive experience in the indirect rate recovery process and has settled hundreds of incurred cost submissions. In addition to overseeing all client relationships, Ed consults on cost recovery, strategic and tactical management issues, and contract and grant cost procurement.

Ed is a second-generation CEO of Jameson & Company, PC, which was founded by his father Gordon in 1977. Ed joined our firm in 1988, having previously served as a senior consultant in the small business and tax departments at Price Waterhouse, Boston.