As-Salaam u'Alaikum,

I hope that you are well in all aspects insha-Allah.  Please read this email
if you are interested in an opportunity to learn Tafsir (explanation of the
Quran in detail), Word-for-word Translation (so you can understand the Quran
when you hear it or read it in Arabic), Word Analysis, and Tajweed of the
Quran (recitation), and would like to join a study group in Atlanta.  The
formal class with qualified teachers will take place once a week on Fridays
on the phone from 5:30 - 7:30.  The first class was last Friday (October

For details on the class, please visit this link:

If you are interested in joining a study group from Atlanta or have any
questions, please contact me (Fariha) at 404 935 8991 or email me (
[log in to unmask]).    Insha-Allah we can figure out timings to meet
(once a month, once a week, etc.) based on interest.

If you are a brother and have received this email, please let your sister,
mother, wife, etc. know about it.

Jaza'k Allah khair,