Qabeelat Salaam is happy to announce its next class:
ARS201 Divine Speech:  Literary Characteristics of the Qur'an!!!
This seminar is an ambitious and exciting new venture by Bayyinah the goal of which is to introduce non-Arabic speaking or studying audiences to the subject of Qur’anic literary beauty.  Join us in this single weekend seminar as it travels all over the country in the year 2009 and as we explore numerous examples of the linguistic & literary marvel of the final divine message in easy to understand English.  This seminar will be taught by Nouman Ali Khan, insha Allah.
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Nouman Ali Khan
This program is open to general audiences.  No Arabic or Islamic studies background is required.  Though attended mostly by adults, the program is open to children above the age of 10.
Oct. 16-18, 2009.  The course runs on a Friday evening from 7 PM - 10 PM and a Saturday & Sunday from 12 PM - 8 PM with breaks for lunch, prayers and hourly recess.
Al-Farooq Masjid
442 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 874-7521
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