Asalaamu'Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu, Everyone!

As you all know, the blessed month of Ramadan is right around the corner, so that means we have our MSA iftars to look forward to. This year, we will have our iftars twice a week on every Monday and Thursdays for the first three weeks of Ramadan, and they will be held in the West Exhibit Area of the Urban Life Building at iftar time. The dates are as follows:

Monday, August 24
Thursday, August 27

Monday, August 31
*Thursday, September 3 (Ramadan Awareness Dinner, so we do not need anyone to provide iftar on this day. More details to come, insha'Allah)

*Monday, September 7- (Labor Day Weekend, no school-- so we do not need anyone to provide iftar on this day)
Thursday, September 10

If you are able to to provide iftar for 100 people (or have any questions), please email [log in to unmask]. Since the days are so few, hurry and take the opportunity to sign up- you don't want to miss out on the blessings!

Whether you are bringing iftar or bringing some friends to break fast together, we hope to see you there, inshaAllah!

Zahra Haji-Noor
Zahra Hajjinoor" <[log in to unmask]
Ramadan Coordinator