My Dear Brothers and Sisters

As Salaamu Alaikum, Alhamdulillah

I am pleased to inform you that Footsteps to Paradise is still working hard to help individuals wanting to perform Hajj.  We welcome and encourage donations in any amount for this effort.  Allah has blessed us to send 3 Muslims on Hajj  over the past 6 years and perform hajj badal for 5 Muslims thus far. 
We plan to send (depending on available funds) 2 to 4 Muslims this year. The bulk of our donations have come from one personal donor and several small individual donors such as yourselves. We need your help and support. Iif you have been to hajj, you know it can be very expensive. Help someone else to make the journey this year.  Please visit our new web site,, and make a donation  in any amount today. We will Insha'Allah be having fund raisers throughout the summer and will keep you posted with the dates. 
Would you like to sponsor a fundraiser on our behalf?  Let us know.  Feel free to contact us for details and answers to any questions you may have.  Masha'Allah,  all potential and upcoming hajj recipients will be selected through the Imam of your Masajid.  Please make dua for our program. May Allah reward you generously for your donations.
                                                                                        Imam Ismail and Sabreen