Assalamu Alaikum dear MSAers!

InshaAllah everyone is doing well and studying hard for their upcoming finals.  I have some good news :) , and some bad news :( .

The bad news is that due to continued misunderstandings with the Reservations Office, we have had to postpone the much awaited Islamic Cultural Courtyard Fair to next semester.  I'm truly and sincerely sorry for all the inconveniences this has caused all of you.  Please forgive me, and the other MSA board members.  We tried our absolute best to put this event on, but Allah SWT had better plans for us.

The good news is that our Halal Card has officially been launched.  This is a dynamic coupon card, which provides huge discounts at popular Muslim joints like Gullys, Q Pizza, and Basil Wraps!  Visit our website for more details.

I would also like to take this time to introduce everyone to our new President, Khalil Shakir.  Khalil is a sophomore at Georgia State, and a very sincere, hardworking brother.  (*cough He's one of the few brothers who helped to clean up after iftaars cough*)  I know all of you in the MSA will show him your support, and assist him in whatever way you can for the sake of Allah SWT.  The entire new board can be viewed on the Website.  If any of you would like to get involved in anything in particular, whether it is a listed position or not, please email [log in to unmask].  All ideas for future events can be sent to this address as well.

It has been my greatest honor and pleasure serving as your President this year.  If I have said anything to offend or hurt any of you in anyway, please forgive me.  That was not my intent.  I ask you all to ask Allah for my forgiveness as well, and make du'a for MSA to succeed :)  Remember, GEORGIA STATE MSA ROCKS!

Khadija Taufique

"Is there any reward for good other than good? Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny?"