Michael Weeks wrote:
> Dear Graduate Teaching Assistants,
> If you are teaching a class for our department this year (Spring 2009,
> Summer 2009, or Fall 2009), we will ask you to complete a teaching
> portfolio at the end of the year. This e-mail is to give you advanced
> notice, so that you know to save a copy of your class materials. 
> Tentative directions are given below. Note that these may change before
> we officially ask for the portfolios in January.
> -Michael Weeks
> CSc Teaching Portfolio
> Graduate students in the Computer Science department are expected to
> submit an annual teaching portfolio, that documents the class(es) that
> they taught. Full-time faculty are also required to do this every year. 
> Teaching Portfolio
> The teaching portfolio should include the following items.
>      1. * a cover letter, 
>      2. relevant teaching materials 
>                 * syllabus, 
>                 * slides presented in class (preferably in handout form
>                 with at least 6 slides per page), 
>                 * all tests and quizzes, 
>                 * all homeworks,
>                 a copy of your class website (if you have one), 
>                 handouts given to the class (for example, a list of
>                 common commands), 
>                 articles handed out in class (such as a photocopy of a
>                 CACM column), 
>                 * grade distribution information (how many students
>                 received A grades, how many received B grades, etc.),
>                 * student evaluations, including all written responses
>                 (positive and negative),
>                 * name of faculty teaching mentor (Professor Sunderraman
>                 being the default mentor). 
> Items with a * must be included. 
> This will be due every January, for the previous calendar year.
> Do not include materials beyond the previous calendar year's 3 semesters
> (Spring, Summer, and Fall). 
> You can put these materials in a binder (preferred) or on a CD-ROM. 
> The cover letter allows you to walk the reviewers through your
> materials, and point out your accomplishments. It should be short
> (preferably 1 page but no more than 2 pages). Please explain the
> significance of the materials that you include and make it clear what
> you contributed. For example, if you include a test, did you create all
> of the questions yourself, or did some come from previous exams or the
> textbook? For power-point slides, did you make them, copy them from an
> instructor's CD-ROM, or get them from another instructor? You may have
> obtained slides from another source, then spent time updating and adding
> to the slides. But if you only include the slides, we have no way of
> knowing how much effort you put in. 
> Team-work is encouraged for instructors. For example, you should meet
> regularly with other instructors who teach a different section of the
> same course in the semester that you teach it.