Chad Van Gorden wrote:
> Hello:
> In response to the request of many faculty, chairs, and department
> administrators, and in our continuous effort to ensure that the grade
> adjustment process is accurate and efficient, the Recordís Office has
> developed a Grade Adjustment form available via Web For Faculty
> beginning November 1, 2008.  The Grade Adjustment form can be sent as an
> attachment through GroupWise.  
> The instructions on how to process a grade adjustment can be found at
> The Grade Adjustment form can be found by logging into your Web for Student 
> GoSOLAR account.  The website for GoSOLAR is
> Please Note:  The grade adjustment approval process has not changed. 
> Instead of typing the grade adjustment information in the body of the
> email, faculty may now submit a Grade Adjustment form.  This form can be
> sent through GroupWise as an attachment.  
> The Grade Adjustment Coordinator can not process a form that has not
> been filled out completely.  These forms will be sent back to the
> approving authority.
> We have had several faculty test and submit grade adjustments via this
> form and have gotten positive feedback.  We encourage everyone's
> feedback as we look for ways to continuously improve our faculty
> submission processes.  
> Please distribute the attached email to your faculty and encourage them
> to use the Grade Adjustment Form.  The grade adjustment form will also
> be presented at the Fall 2008 Registrar forum scheduled for November
> 21st.  If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at
> [log in to unmask] or the Gradeís Coordinator at
> [log in to unmask] 
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