K. N. King wrote:
>                 The GSU chapter of the ACM presents   
>                  Summer Research Opportunities in
>              Computer Science: REU, NSF, DOE Programs
>                           Dr. Gigi B. Ray
>                       Department of Chemistry
>             Coordinator of Undergraduate STEM Research
> There are many opportunities for students majoring in Computer
> Science to participate in research at another university for 8-10
> weeks in Summer 2009 and get paid! The National Science Foundation
> sponsors Research Experiences for Undergraduates programs (REU) in
> many science disciplines including Computer Science, Engineering,
> Physics, Math, Chemistry, Biology, and interdisciplinary programs
> such as Bioinformatics, Cyberinfrastructure, Materials Science, and
> Neuroscience. The Department of Energy also funds programs in
> national labs (such as Oak Ridge in Tennessee) for undergraduate and
> graduate students.
> The speaker will discuss how to find a program that suits your
> interests, a typical application process, program requirements, and
> what these programs are looking for in applicants. GSU students are
> eligible to apply to programs across the nation, which accept
> students from diverse backgrounds. Application materials are due in
> January/February 2009, so now is the time to start planning to have
> an educational and fun summer! Participants do research, attend
> career-oriented seminars, and go on scientific and social field trips
> like rafting, hiking, and attending sports events and outdoor
> concerts. Your participation in a summer research program will
> strengthen your resume and boost your credentials for future
> applications to graduate or professional schools. After their summer
> experience many participants co-author publications and present their
> work at regional or national meetings, introducing them to an even
> broader dimension of their discipline.
>                      Win a valuable door prize!
>            One lucky attendee will win a valuable prize.
>                     Thursday, September 25, 2008
>                          5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
>                     Room 230, University Center
>                           Everyone welcome!
>                           Free refreshments!
>           For more information about the GSU ACM chapter,
>           please visit our Web site: www.cs.gsu.edu/~acm.